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Aug 2019

Perfect time, super models.   Richard Flare  Aug 2019 Ireland


Model was a little late, but made up for her time, thoroughly enjoyed meeting Rachael. Abe Heine Aug 2019  New York

Sep 2019

Thank you for a wonderful service, very professional services,  I will call again when I return. Peter Lass Sep 2019 Zurich

October 2019

All your models are great, thank you for providing the best! Douglas Shepherd  Oct 2019 New York

November 2019

Good Services, and your models are the Best, very nice Ladies.  Ali Hassan November 2019 Dubai

Dec 2019

I was so relieved to see the model that showed up was exactly like her photo, so great job.  Don Mathews July 2019 The Hampton’s NY

Dec 2019

Nice Model, many thank you. August 2019 Omar Asfour  Dubai

Jan 4 2020

Great time with your Models, all were very nice, enjoyed meeting Adela.  Geoffrey Alan  Sep 2019 United Kingdom

Feb 2 2020

I just met our new model a few days ago Elizabet, she was just as you described her. She is fun and a knockout, thanks Linda. Alan Rod  October 2019

Feb 15 2020

Super time, your girls are the Best models and again I will call back in March when I will be in New York. Peter Lass Zurich

Feb 8, 2020

Was a big pleasure meeting your lovely Models. Very beautiful Models. Alan McKinley New York

March 2, 2020

Your Agency is the Best, had wonderful time in New York! Nate Patel New York

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