Please Read our details below before your for bookings:

Please note ample notice usually enables our model not to be stressed when she arrives at your door and for each model to look good upon arrival. We usually require an hours notice, if you are in Manhattan, and another hour or more to get to you, but she could get delayed in the New York traffic, why so long, because a driver has to leave home to another destination to pick up the girl and bring her to you. It is all Math A model is responsible for her own drivers fees, in the city, however if you make any last min cancellations your will forfeit your deposit and the driver and model are compensated for there time . You are only responsible for the model booking fees, however all our models would appreciate the gratuities they receive, and most Gentlemen will do this in general.

f you live outside the city, you are responsible for the model booking fee round trip drivers fees, and model booking fees for the model and driver, which is payable in advance on a credit or pre-paid debit card before the model leaves the city. We usually do not take last minute cancellations, but in the event of an emergency, you will forfeit the model deposit and round trip drivers fees.

Too many cancellations at Elite Bureau Club by telephone or in person, will result in a ban from our Club, sorry but we do not like to waste our valuable time or the models.

We do not do Bachelor Parties, Swing Parties or Multiple Parties, Second Parties, We do not send multiple girls to any bookings unless you are a preferred Member, and we know you. This is to ensure safety of our models. All models must be in a secure and safe environment at all times.

A 40% advance booking fee, plus round trip drivers fee, required to secure all appointments with is non-refunable on last minute cancellations.

Elite Bureau requires a 24 hour notice cancellation on appointments in the city. If you live outside the city we require a 48 hour cancellation notice.

Please do not keep our models waiting, they will leave and you will lose your deposit Our models have a busy schedule and may have another booking after leaving your appointment.

Elite Bureau, holds among the highest and strictest standards at all times, we keep all your information stricly confidential and the model, and are well respected amongst celebrities.

Please do not take or receive a models number, this only creates un-necessary tension between us, you and the model, and you are always invited to see her again.

Obviously if you extend your time we will look into giving a better arrangement, there is no discounts on new clients, unless you extend your time which means your are booking at least 4 hours etc and more. However if you make regular bookings we will negotiate our arrangement if we see you are a valuable customer to us.

All models are required to collect there fees immediately after arrival and are required to check in with us, and check out as many times as the model feels comfortable. All models are required to call us 15 mins before her appointment has ended to either check out or extend her time.

All our models are beautiful classy, and well groomed and are nice and respectful at all times. Please treat our Models and staff will the same respect. If you have an issue just call our office. no Abusive or verbal language will be used on our Models and staff, please do not use any vulgarities over the phone or when making a booking, we will hang up on you, your are paying for the models time and companionship, and not for abuse.

All appointments oustide Manhattan come with a 2 hour minim, if you are very far it is a 4/5 minim.

All models must be able to contact us at all times, we, we at the Elite Bureau club should be able to reach our models by phone at all times, failure to do this will prompt us immediately to send a driver into your home, so please avoid this, embarrassing situation, our models need to be safe first and foremost.

For those of you that are new to us, Screening paramount, and yes we do this to the extreme to ensure we are sending our girls somewhere safe, so please do not get cocky, or rude when we are asking your for the necessary information. It is to ensure you are a legit person, and to ensure your safety and the models. If you do not want to be screened, please do not even contemplate on calling us. We are not here to waste Please note we have a systeour time nor ours.Please note we have a system to check if your ID and information is false any any false information, incorrect phone numbers and incorrect info, will result in a ban and your information will be cirulated in to our patners if false.

A TIP: I’ve always found if you treat a model well, pamper her, and make her feel good, you will get the same response. and probably she will be very happy to see you again do your part fellows, be nice be clean and be safe, and mostly have fun, after all you are on a date.

We serve, Manhattan, Midtown, Wall St, UES, UWS, NJ, The Hampton,sCT Alpine, Westchester and all casinos

Our services outside New York come with a 2 hour minim, one hour in Manhattan is at a premium rate.We offer speci

* Special packages for DINNER Dates, and Luncheon Dates
* Evening Cocktails
* Casino Dates,
* Trip to the Country Club
* Overnight Excursion
*Weekend Packages

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